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The Psychology of Color (a short primer)

Given the importance of accessibility and usability in the creation of successful applications and sites, I’m always really, really surprised at how little attention is given to color.

There’s no shortage of psychological and scientific studies proving that actual physiological changes take place in human beings when exposed to certain colors. Colors can stimulate, excite, depress and tranquilize. They can affect appetite and physical perception of temperature. For those among you who share my geeky fascination with such things, this is known as chromodynamics.

In the world of UX, the psychology of color is one of the


UI Design, User Experience

Oldie but goodie: The Cost of Bad Design

This is an article from 2001 I kept about the cost of bad design and inattention to the details of user experience (even though no one was calling it then). Why do I still have it? First, it makes some very powerful points that still hold true seven years later. Second, the last three paragraphs are funny as hell :-)

The Humane Touch: Bad Design Can Be Costly
(not to mention inefficient, demoralizing, and embarrassing)
Jef Raskin, Forbes ASAP, 05.28.01

Bad user interfaces may be


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