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Isn’t “above the fold” UI design dead? (Tuesdays with Joe, Episode 02)

Don’t people scroll automatically?

And given that, isn’t this idea of “designing for the fold” — the bottom edge of the device/browser’s screen — obsolete? Irrelevant in the age of mobile devices?

Not so fast.

Look, the old arguments about getting every shred of content above the fold aren’t applicable — I’ll give you that. The mass adoption of social media and the “ infinite scroll” technique most apps use have created a habitual, instinctive response to scroll to view more content.

But the bottom of the browser still plays a very critical role in whether or not people engage with the content that sits below it. Even in those situations where we scroll without ever thinking about it.

The fold absolutely matters in terms of how you design the screen — but not in the way you might think.

Check out this latest edition of Tuesdays with Joe to find out why.

Wishing you success in all you do — GIVE GOOD UX!

— Joe

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