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Starbucks Brand Identity Change – Hit or Miss?

A friend just tipped me to the Starbucks brand identity change below…interested in hearing reactions. Take a look:

starbucks logo change 2011

Will people still recognize this – immediately, as in a 2 second glance while driving?

Most people probably will, but I think this is a bad move for the brand. The majority of their brand equity is in that word at the top — and I think the name resonates much more powerfully than the mermaid image ever did, ever does or ever will. When you have that much public mindshare generated by and linked to a single word, you better have an extremely good reason — backed by a mountain of quantitative and qualitative data — to remove it from your visual brand identity.

What do you think?

  • mocha

    The new logo is a big miss.
    The typeface did more to help and entice the public to give in and buy a cup of java.
    Without Starbucks in the logo, it’s easy to overlook the new logo. Unless one is a die hard fan of Starbucks, but I dare say even they are scratching their heads wondering why Starbucks logo went decaf!

  • Carli

    100% agree with you….TOTAL MISS!
    Why a company feels the need to mess with whats working – after having nearly the same concept since 1987 – is beyond my comprehension. I understand that people need change in order to move along…but I think they should have taken a little bit more time and done more research on this one. It seems that with every evolution of their logo, the mermaid gets more in your face.
    Sorry Starb’s…didn’t win me over with this move!

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