14 Mobile UI Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

FREE GUIDE: Why users abandon mobile sites and apps — and what you can DO about it.

These 14 case studies of apps and mobile websites call out critical UI design mistakes and show you how to avoid making them!

14 UI Mistake to avoid

This guide walks you through 14 common UI design issues that make people drop an app or a site like a hot potato, such as:

  • Not designing for context of use.
  • Using language users don’t understand.
  • Misdirecting the user’s focus.
  • Not leveraging users’ learned behavior.
  • Asking without giving.

A detailed critique of these screens and workflows shows you where the problem spots are, explains why they represent problems for users, and describes what should be done instead.

I see these same issues in every app, site and system I evaluate — and they‘re mistakes you can’t afford to make if you expect people to use what you design and build.

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