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Pick My Brain #006: How Do I Get Started in UX?

How Do I Get Started in UX

Today’s question “How Do I Get Started in UX?” is something I’m asked almost weekly, so I thought it’d be helpful to address it here.

Q: I am new to UX/UI, and I’m feeling like there is so much I need to know that I worry I’ll never  be able to learn it all. What advice or suggestions do you have for people who want to start a career in User Experience Design?

A: My


UX Career Guidance

(Re) Announcing my Udemy course on User Experience Design Fundamentals!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce my very first online training course, in partnership with Learn to Program TVUser Experience Design Fundamentals.

We launched the course on Udemy five weeks ago, and the response has been nothing short of fantastic – 593 people have signed up to take the class! Well beyond my expectations, to say the least.


As you can see, reviews thus far indicate that folks have found it valuable, useful


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