Collaboration and guidance to drive use and ROI.

I can help your team uncover critical UX problems preventing success — along with a clear, actionable plan to solve them.

The goal: quick wins and impactful results.

My UX consulting services focus specifically on areas where a relatively small amount of time, effort and investment on the part of your team will yield impactful results. The consulting packages I offer apply equally to any kind of digital product, from websites to apps to enterprise systems.

I want to be clear that there’s no abstract theory or dog-and-pony show happening here: we’re working. These are participatory sessions; they don’t work without full collaboration. I act as facilitator, leading your design/development team down specific areas of analysis, evaluation and real-time design, making sure we ask the right questions and solve the right problems.

I love doing this work, but my availability is extremely limited. As such, I’m very selective and I am not cheap. But if you think you or your team might benefit from one-on-one interaction with me, please use the form below to request confidential access to my consulting services and fee schedule.

I work with organizations in three very specific ways. Engagements typically go down one of three paths (and sometimes two or three simultaneously):

  1. UX UI Audit
  2. Collaborative UI Design & Review
  3. Team Training & Workshops

In all three instances, I focus very heavily on knowledge transfer to the team. That means Product Owners, Business Analysts, UI Designers, Developers and QA Testers are all equally involved. The organizations I’ve worked with involve all of these players, because they believe, like I do, that UX is everyone’s business.

They understand that great UX is only possible when every person in every role is able to integrate human-centered UX practices into the work they do. We spend our time together learning, collaborating and applying what’s been discussed. Here’s a quick example from an audit session:

In order to create products of lasting value, UX has to become everyone’s responsibility. So while there is certainly a place for subject matter experts like myself, every member of a project team can and should be able to implement some degree of positive user experience into the work they do.

Every task should be conceived and executed in a way that’s mindful of both business goals and user needs. That intersection is the heart of a successful product of any kind.

Interested? Request confidential access to my consulting services and fee schedule.

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