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Think First

Get my secrets to more successful products, less project stress and practical, powerful UX.

Think First contains proven principles, step-by-step methods and straightforward, jargon-free advice that applies to anything you’re designing or building. You’ll find:

  • Practical & realistic scenarios. I give you real-world examples of how to create UX strategies for digital products that ensure success (along with what not to do).
  • Foundational UX ideas. I explain core concepts and timeless principles of UX in a conversational and easy-to-read style.
  • Patterns, approaches and tools. I share the tools and methods I’ve used with Fortune 500 and 100 companies for nearly three decades.

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Get big-picture perspective for smarter UX decisions.

Knowing why you’re doing something is the first step toward making an app, site or system valuable. And when you don’t take the requisite time to ask the right questions and then qualify the answers, UX suffers — you build something that people either don’t need or can’t use.

Design and Development teams operate under a great deal of pressure, and because of that the urgent often trumps the important. Think First gives you an arsenal of tools and tactics to change that.

In nearly three decades of working with Fortune 500 and 100 companies, I’ve learned that when a product fails, the underlying cause is rarely poor UI design or technology limitations. It’s not even bad UX. These are symptoms of a failed UX strategy. Think First is my step-by-step guide to turning things around and delivering value — both to users and to the business.

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Step-by-step methods and jargon-free advice.

I often say UX is everybody’s business. Every person in an organization has to learn to filter their work through the lens of good UX. Think First shows you how to do that by working to answer three critical questions:

  • Is this worth doing? Will the time and effort spent deliver some meaningful, measurable result, both for users and for the business?
  • Does everyone agree on and understand what we’re creating? Does every team member understand what’s being built and why it matters?
  • What value does this deliver? Will this improvement, feature or function deliver the desired outcome? Do we know that, or are we guessing?

Endorsements and testimonials.

“A very practical guide to UX success in business.”

DR. DON NORMAN director of the designlab, uc san diego, AUTHOR, THE DESIGN OF EVERYDAY THINGS

“Think First is a practical guide to UX that makes sense of strategy and structure. Highly recommended!.”

peter morville bestselling author of intertwingled

“For designers and developers, understanding strategy and UX is an increasingly necessary skill. Think First demystifies these foundational ideas in a very conversational, easy to read style.”

ilise benun founder of, author of 7+ books

Amazon Reviews

A future fixture in the UX field. Cutting through the nonsense in a way that few writers have the means or desire to do, Joe Natoli has provided a handbook to User Experience design that gets to the core of what it means to be “strategic” in the digital ecosystem. If you’re a battle-hardened UX designer, a Chief Strategy Officer at a major brand, or a junior staffer in a tech firm looking to make an amazing impression on your peers, you need to pick up Think First immediately.
– Eric Lamy, review

Amazon Reviews

The Holy Grail of UX Design – Look no further! Joe Natoli has put together the most comprehensive and practical guide to UX design. To quote him verbatim, “Great UX isn’t a product of the tools you use, nor is it what you build or design on screen. It’s how you think about those things.” Think First isn’t just the title of the book. He elucidates how it is the secret mantra behind every successful product in the market.
— Raguram Venkatesan, review

Amazon Reviews

Easy to follow guide to UX success. Think First is an invaluable guide for new and experienced designers alike. Requirements analysis is such a critical component to the success of products and services today. User experience is the new secret weapon of the business world. Joe walks the reader through the process of identifying user needs, and provides great tips and strategies for aligning and adjusting your projects to meet those needs – in a way that can be practically applied in the field.
— Shantelle L. Boatright, review

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Digital ebook: You’ll get an immediate
download in ePub, Mobi and PDF formats.

Also available at | | Barnes & Noble

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