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UX Insights from around the Web :: 05.11.16

Every week I read brilliant articles on UX, UI and Design that really inspire and impress me — and in some cases leave me wishing I’d written them! Because I think they’re infinitely valuable to anyone who practices UX (or would like to), I’m going to share them with you here today. So without further delay, here are my “best of the best” UX articles of the week — may you find them useful, usable and valuable!

UX Pick of the week

Designing for happiness

Designing for Happiness: Interview with Pamela Pavliscak

My pick of the week is an extremely illuminating interview with Pamela Pavliscak, whose company Change Sciences is squarely focused on helping organizations harness the power of happiness — born from user experiences — to create real value. This new field of what she calls “positive design” is good for users, good for businesses, and, at the end of the day, simply the right thing to do.

Pamela’s work is part ethnography, part data science and part behavioral psychology — all of which are critical components of this thing we call UX. She has done some incredibly extensive research around the motivating power of happiness in our experiences with technology. And when I say extensive, I mean it: Pamela devised and conducted an elaborate online study of 8000 people on 300 sites, collecting 1000 diaries, interviewing 500, and socially listening to 50 brands.

The results are compelling; she found ample evidence to support what UX practitioners preach and apply every day: that use, loyalty and our concept of what constitutes value is largely driven by happiness.You’ve heard me say before that good UX happens when people feel capable, connected and in control. But Pamela’s work shows us that the benefits are even more significant when users feel entertained, challenged, informed, smart, inspired, and creative.

That happy experience, she says, “is that certain something that goes beyond a person in the moment, face-to-face with a screen (for now), interacting. It always ties to something bigger. A better version of themselves, an authentic connection, an engaging challenge.”

I invite you to check out Pamela’s excellent insights on what happiness means in the context of UX, why it matters so very much and what can we do as UXers, designers and developers to craft an experience that brings more happiness (and more value) to everyone involved.

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the best of the rest

Invision Blog

A brief history of user experience

Think about the last time you ate at a restaurant. What cuisine did it serve? What made you to choose that particular restaurant? What was your first impression as you walked in? Were you asked to wait till you were ushered to an available seat? How was the menu arranged?
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Adobe Creative Cloud

Best Practices for Content Planning in UX Design

Which came first, the content or the design? This contemporary take on the “chicken and egg” casualty dilemma represents a common frustration among content and design teams when it comes to building a new experience. Both depend on each other, but where do you begin?
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User Testing Blog

The 18 Blogs Every UX Pro Should Follow

Looking for an awesome UX blog to read? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite blogs in the industry (in no particular order).
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Epic UX Fails (and the Lessons We Can Learn)

We love design, UX, and everything that enables technology to help make our life easier. We want to inspire and encourage future designers to continue to improve the user experience across all the devices and applications that we use.
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Proto IO Blog

4 Things To Know About Good Android UX Design

It’s a widely-known fact that mobile app designers tend to favour designing for iOS. However, Android devices are dominating the smartphone market largely due the lower price-points especially when compared to the high-end iPhones. Given the proliferation of Android devices across the globe, you’d think that it’s about time for mobile app designers to take Android seriously.
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Speed Things Up: Designing a Fast Experience for Better Mobile UX

As a designer, you must be designing with mobile first in mind at all times, or risk getting left behind by potential clients who want their online stores to be mobile-friendly.One of the best ways to ensure a site is mobile-friendly and, by extension, offers better UX is by speeding things up.
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20 Wrist-Worthy Smartwatch UI Redesigns

For any new hardware released, the software and UI design within makes or breaks the product. As much as we hate poorly designed mobile UI, we are attracted to UI that work smoothly, are well thought-out and look beautiful when being used. There are many talented designers out
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Studio By UX Pin

Yahoo vs. Google: Quick UI/UX Design Lessons

When it comes to user experience and user interface design, Google and Yahoo both do a decent job (granted, in different ways). In this piece, we’ll quickly explain some practical takeaways from the UI and UX design of each site.
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Moto Blog

25 UX Design Tools to Simplify Designer’s Daily Routine

A website design, with no matter how nice it looks, is nothing if its UX is bad. There are tons of websites that flaunt great design on pen and paper but can’t get a good place on the web.
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From Our Partners

What developers think about when choosing a WordPress hosting provider

When choosing a WordPress host, one of the most important considerations is performance. Of course, every hosting provider will say their service is the fastest, the most scalable, and the most reliable. So how do you evaluate different providers and determine which is right for your needs?
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