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[ Video ] 3 Critical UX Questions You MUST Ask, Part 1 0f 7

No matter the industry, niche or product type, a core component of developing solid UX and product strategy is asking three crucial, universal questions. In this seven-part video workshop, I’ll show you what those questions are — and more importantly, how to get the kind of answers you need. Here’s the first in the series:

Years ago I attended an Adaptive Path seminar where the presenter introduced three critical questions tied to improving UX and ensuring the final product is valuable to people. I became a believer on the spot, taking furious notes, and I have insisted on asking these same questions of my clients for the last 26 years.

Whether you’re building something from the ground up or redesigning an existing product, there are three critical questions that you must get answers to in order to deliver positive UX of any kind.

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The best part of writing Think First, my blog posts and speaking engagements is the conversations that they spark. I learn as much from others as they hopefully learn from me. In that spirit, I’d like to know what you think:

In your experience, what questions should be asked at the start of a project — but aren’t?

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